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Finance your PPE


Hilton Business Capital (HBC) is a Hilton Business Ventures company. We are a private equity and capital firm formulated and launched in the post-COVID world to help businesses succeed in this new economy.

Our funding partners include Private Equity firms, Family Offices, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital firms and over 100 commercial lending outlets, in addition to a network of high net-worth, accredited investors.

Access to capital is the key to growing your business

Hilton Business Capital provides traditional and alternative lending and project finance for many different types of projects. Hilton Business Capital is poised to stabilize the lending marketplace by leveraging our extensive network of credible lending sources.

Hilton Business Capital offers funding for:

• Conventional Commercial Loans – No limits
• Small Balance Commercial Loans – $100k – $5 million
• Commercial Bridge Loans
• Business loans
• Private Equity deals
• Joint Venture deals
• Multi-Family – 5 units +
• Mixed Use – Residential, Office & Storefronts
• Apartment Buildings
• Hospitality – Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants
• Hard Money Loans – to purchase & rehab
• Asset Based Loans – Stocks & Portfolio loans
• Blanket Residential (5 properties or more)

Do you need Funding for your PPE & Medical Supply Deals ?







At Hilton Business Capital we are dedicated to help you finance your trade, import & export using letters of credit or LC in just 48 hours!


No personal guarantees needed. 

To submit a file for consideration, or to discuss how Hilton Business Capital could help you with your financing needs, contact us directly at:

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Hilton Global Gateway. A name you can trust. 

Banks our partners work with 
Products our finance partners work with
If you are interested in finding out more about any of our finance products and would like a personal introduction get in touch with us on


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