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MyAirShield™The New Era Air Disinfectant

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Clinically Tested and Effective Against Covid-19 and other viruses and bacteria!

MyAirShield™ is an advanced disinfectant device, that helps sanitize the air and surfaces around you by spreading an atmospheric shield of low concentrated stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, one of the best agents against microbial life. 

MyAirShield may be used in closed and crowded spaces. Using MyAirShield can not only help to protect you but others as well. This is because the disinfectant is constantly released around you and its effectiveness travels and spreads along with you.

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The MyAirShield agent has be thoroughly tested by multiple third-party top tier laboratories for its efficacy against pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and spores, as well as for being harmless in an everyday usage.

Our patented pearls are designed to slowly release a controlled, low concentration of our patented disinfectant, creating an atmospheric shield of additional defense around you.

MyAirShield runs its own science department to ensure and improve the quality of the product, and to provide reliable assistance to MyAirShield partners.

Additionally, multiple independent third party studies have confirmed the efficacy of the MyAirShield Badge.

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The MyAirShield™ Badge

Designed for everday use, the MyAirShield Badge provides an extra layer of defense against viruses, bacteria and spores.

The MyAirShield agent is patented, clinically tested and espouses up to 90 days of invisible air disinfecting around you.

The badge is safe to use due to its safety lock and the adjustable lanyard.

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