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Join us in making the world a safer place and  become a Hilton Global Connector!

Are you a connector? or a distributor?  Do you want to to have access to our best in class products and help us make the world a safer place?

Together we are stronger! 


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Your Assets

Utilizing our best-in-class safety and protection products will help shield your assets from risks & liabilities.

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Your Products & Brands

Our anti-counterfeiting technology has never been broken and has been used by government agencies and fortune 1000 companies to protect their documents, products and brands for over 35 years.

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Your Staff

Boost your staff’s health & productivity through our personal and room air purification technologies.  Monitor your entire staff’s health through our command & control health monitoring platform.

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Your Spaces

We bring the best-in-class room air purifiers and personal wearable air purifiers to create safe spaces for your business.

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Your Customers & Guests
Ensuring safe spaces for your customers and guests will help to engender trust and confidence, keeping them coming back.

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Limit Your Risks & Liabilities

By utilizing the Hilton Global Gateway best-in-class suite of safety and protection products, you are limiting the risks and liabilities that every business faces on a daily basis.


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