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With offices and strategic partnerships based in the USA, Europe, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Thailand we have be able to gain access to a large range of sought after Nitrile, Latex and Vinyl Glove production, allocations and factory stock offers. 

Being just a short drive away from some of the biggest and most powerful glove manufactures in the world has allowed us to forge fantastic working relationships directly with title holders and factories making the process of purchasing Gloves not only easier but above all safe for our buyers.

With have over 30 years’ experience in global trade, logistics, procurement, and distribution you will find working with us refreshingly easy, fully transparent & professional.

Hilton Global Gateway has become a trusted player in this space and we also offer a range of other solutions including full logistics support and funding options to give you total peace of mind with your transaction.

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We offer the most comprehensive list of Nitrile Glove & Face Mask allocations available in the market today.  Hilton Global Gateway connects buyers directly with sellers, establishing a trusted and transparent relationship.

To be able to offer a first class service and protect our seller channels, we operate a very strict onboarding process and we do not work with large broker chains. We know the rules of the PPE market because we helped make them. 


We believe in trust and transparency amongst all the parties we deal with and have a 3-step process that must be adhered to which is outlined below.

1) Together with your team, we will complete an inquiry form: ( this is supplied by HGG) - This is for us to understand your expectations and exact requirements.


2) We will then provide current pricing & SOPs to you based on the information provided and filled out on the form.- Establishing End Price to the Buyer - establishing & agreeing on commission structure - ensuring the buyer is willing to follow the SOPs set by the seller.

3) *MANDATORY* NON-CIRCUMVENTION, NON-DISCLOSURE AND WORKING AGREEMENT (NCNDA) NCNDAs are sent out from the sellers via our team in Malaysia using Docusign and must include the main buyers details, if needed a buyers mandate and max one intermediary. 


Note. Any documentation you share or provide on behalf of the buyer should be Vetted and Due Diligence conducted before sharing these documents with HGG.

Hilton Global Gateway. A name you can trust. 

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