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BrandMark™ is the world’s #1 anti-counterfeit technology, offering protection and innovation to iconic brands.


So what is Brandmark? 

The most sophisticated and easy to use smartphone anti-counterfeiting system available.A patented solution of over 43 years of advanced security research & development.A solution to the worlds counterfeiting problems

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Technology Comparison

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Anti-counterfeiting, Track & trace & diversion analysis Technology.

  • BrandMark is one of the most sophisticated anti-counterfeit technologies currently available in todays market.

  • Pioneers in the anti-counterfeiting industry.

  • A globally-used technology for 42 years with over 75 worldwide patents including extensive, exclusive trade secrets.

  • BradMark has no effect on artwork. 

  • Used by a number of governments worldwide including major US government agencies.

  • Used on billions of brand packaging.

  • Compatible with most printing processes and inks.

  • Multi-layered solutions with security level control. 

  • Authenticate a product using a smartphone without the need to be connected to the internet. 

  • Track and trace capabilities.

  • Back end CRM stores all scan data allowing authorities to move in quickly on fake scans.

  • Can be laser engraved directly onto the product not just the packaging. 

  • Never been compromised!

Solution / Example of use.

                  Scan Secure Custom Covertly Embedded Icon/Barcode/QR Code

SECURE ICON - Small (9mm) icon is placed in the box and/or product artwork. Public can easily verify with custom smartphone APP.  

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Company / Consumer experience 

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Backend CRM captures all of the scan data 

Brandmark is so much more than just anti-counterfeiting technology, it comes with a full backend CRM And Marketing experience too.

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A key function of the comprehensive backend system is to display exactly where scans are taking place, and to provide a snapshot of results. 

Customizable analytics can be categorized and used to determine the trends of scanning, location, devices and other data.

A complete list of all captured data can be sorted by fields and exported into reports.


BrandMark can be deployed with multiple apps that allow different users with different access in the supply chain to participate. By including distributors in the scanning process, any breech of security or diversion can be identified and addressed. Whether or not unique serialization/ track and trace is needed, your distribution network can check-in products through GPS-based scanning, while determining inventory authenticity. 


Technologies currently used by a number of governments worldwide including major US government agencies.

VIPhoto™ – Variable photo/ data protection.

DataScreen™ – Microtext ghost image.


Micro Indicia™ – Hidden microtext.


Stealth SI® – Hidden image in UV ink.

Switch™ – Semi-overt backlight feature.

Doc-U-Lok – Protects personalization data from alteration.


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For more information and a demo contact us

Email -

PHONE - USA  +1 203-340-2316     
PHONE - EUROPE & UNITED KINGDOM +44 208 242 4062 



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