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Why Brandmark Is The Perfect Global Solution to the World’s Counterfeiting Issue.

What do you think about when you hear the word counterfeiting ?

Do you immediately flash on a fake watch, a designer handbag or sports apparel ?

While these are certainly problematic for their manufacturers, the fact is that counterfeiting goes way beyond what you may think. Nowadays, we are being flooded with article after article on a daily basis as to how counterfeit medicines, medical masks and gloves -- aka personal protection equipment -- are entering into our worldwide supply chains and rather surprisingly, reaching hospitals, front line workers and consumers. 

Counterfeit foods and medicines as well as personal protection equipment (PPE ) and medical devices are and have been targeted by the counterfeiter underground for quite some time now, which poses a bigger threat than a damaged ego. Faux medicines and safety products can be very dangerous, harmful and sometimes lethal to your well-being.

So how do we put a stop something as serious as this?

Let’s start by recommending that the brand owner and their manufacturing companies -- pharmaceutical and otherwise -- companies etc. implement a trusted form of anti-counterfeiting technology into their packaging and embedded directly into their products that give their customers the piece of mind that what they are actually purchasing is authentic. 

So what is Brandmark? 

This globally-used #technology has been around for 40 + years, and allows consumers to take control at a pre-purchase level by using a smartphone and the brandmark app to instantly verify whether a product – whether a passport or favourite cosmetic or medical mask or glove or consumer electronics, for a few choice examples - is fake or authentic, Best of all, Brandmark works without the need for an online connection.


Anti-counterfeiting, Track & trace & diversion analysis Technology.

Protect your intellectual assets.

BrandMark™ is an anti-counterfeiting solution which features a secure, patented and customizable icon that is designed and printed in-line with existing artwork and equipment. The icon contains embedded covert technology and is rigorously tested to meet the highest quality and security standards.

This patented and proprietary anti-counterfeiting solution makes smartphone verification and anti-diversion analysis easy.

All of the scan and user data can be analyzed and monitored from a web-based back end system. In addition to retrieving authenticity results,  dates, times, user credentials and locations, data can be stored for track & trace/ diversion analysis. Usage and marketing data can also be collected and reported.

BrandMark™ provides state-of-the-art document security and brand protection solutions. Specializing in developing custom tailored solutions that seamlessly fit into your existing design and security infrastructure.


Advanced optical decoding, as well as easy on-the-spot smartphone authentication, are some of the reasons these features are used on billions of brand products and documents worldwide.  

Patented security technology has been provided to government authorized security printing firms and major corporations for over 40 years.

The founder and inventor patented the Scrambled Indicia® process in the mid 70’s and pioneered the commercialization of this technology for document security and product authentication.

Since then, extensive research activities have resulted in many new products and patents which have only strengthened the company’s long established position as an industry leader in the security printing field.

The power of Brandmark

A Global Solution for the PPE industry


Currently used by several leading brands and governments, the downloadable APP combined with smartphone technology has made Brandmark an incredible tool which focuses on giving consumers the power to be able to see which products are authentic and which are counterfeit.

Brandmark is so much more than just anti-counterfeiting technology, it comes with a full backend CRM And Marketing experience too.

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In addition to obtaining a “pass” / “fail” result, the app also acts as a marketing platform to display videos, ads, coupons, surveys or any other digital media, including links to social media. 

BrandMark can be deployed with multiple apps that allow different users with different access in the supply chain to participate. By including distributors in the scanning process, any breech of security or diversion can be identified and addressed. Whether or not unique serialization/ track and trace is needed, your distribution network can check-in products through GPS-based scanning, while determining inventory authenticity. 


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